BH-3001 Car Mat Cleaning Machine

The BH-3001 is a car-mat cleaning machine that cleans and dries rubber car-mats and carpet floor mats in 30 seconds. The BH-3001 uses water and special textured brushes to clean ground-in dirt, salt stains, hard to remove stains, and pet hair from your car mats.


The machine uses a patented drying technique which sets the BH-3001 apart from all other car-mat cleaning machines on the market.


All our machines are made out of stainless steel and are fully operational in all weather conditions.

BH-Tech Ltd. is the Sole Distributor to North America.


Dimensions: 110cm x 106cm x 60 cm

Power: 110V 31A or 220V 16A


Save Time and Money

- The BH-3001 washes and dries an average car mat in 30 seconds
- The BH-3001 provides a quick and easy way to wash car mats. 

The BH-3001 provides an advanced 'wash-and-go' drying technology that allows you to put    the mats in the car without the need to wait for them to dry.
- The BH-3001 saves you money by eliminating the need to use harsh chemicals and detergents and hence reduces the water required to wash a mat.

Increase Revenue

- The BH-3001 allows you to provide your customers with special car mat cleaning service.
- The BH-3001 allows you to attract more customers by upgrading your service at minimal cost.
- The BH-3001 provides you with unsurpassed car mat cleaning service that will bring customers back.

Become Eco-Friendly

- The BH-3001 reduces the amount of water used to wash car mats.
- The BH-3001 eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals and detergents.
- The BH-3001 is equipped with a state of the art waste management system that collects the waste that was extracted from the mats.
- The BH-3001 has an automatic shut-off timer that allows you to save more energy.